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NAFA Staff

NAFA DOL Fiduciary Duty Proposal Response

On Tuesday, February 24, 2015, NAFA issued an email alert regarding news from the White House that the Department of Labor (DOL) plans to move forward with a revised fiduciary ...

Alternative Brokerage Appoints Harry Stout to Board of Directors

Des Moines, IA – Alternative Brokerage, LLC, an annuity, life insurance,  and alternative insurance product wholesaler, is pleased to announce that Harry N. Stout has ...
NAFA Staff

Partners Advantage Features Advanced Training and “I-DIAs” from Curtis Cloke

Advanced concepts to help address clients’ retirement income needs and tax challenges are a hallmark of the training and techniques utilized by financial services ...
NAFA Staff
Kim O'Brien

NAFA Announces the Retirement of Kim O’Brien

The National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) announced the retirement of Kim O’Brien, President & CEO, from the organization effective on Friday, January ...
Bryan Mills
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From Antiquity to the Future: Financial Security Is Always Part of the Quest

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” This powerful quote by Malcolm Little may quite possibly be the cornerstone or central message upon ...
Jack Marrion
Fixed Annuities Celebration

Fixed Indexed Annuities Celebrate 20 Years

A Timeline of FIA Milestones The fixed (equity) indexed annuity (FIA) was introduced 20 years ago. Why then? One big reason is that the psychology of the times was right. ...
Anthony Morris
Brains and Bytes

Brains & Bytes Part II

Techie Tips to WOW Your Prospects and Boost Next Month’s Income Hopefully you had a chance to apply some of last issue’s clever techie strategies to your business. ...
JD Clockadale
Hot sales article

The Key to Transforming Cold Calls into Hot Sales

“Very few people don’t become more interesting when they stop talking.”                             —   Anonymous   To translate ...
Chris Orestis
Long-term care article

Addressing the Long-Term Care Funding Crisis – Part I

Aggressive legal threats across the country have become a real concern to insurance agents, elder-law attorneys and families facing long-term care funding questions. Unexpected ...
Mark Fitzgerald
Opportunities to help market

Opportunities to Help Solve the Retirement Puzzle for the Middle Market

The changing retirement landscape continues to present challenges for Baby Boomers as well as for those already in or nearing retirement. For the long-underserved middle-income ...