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Getting Your Clients to Go Wild About You!


Financial advisors and insurance agents – just like sports teams and politicians – purposely reach out for the recognition and affirmation that they have what people want. Some businesses have gained elite status and positive exposure beyond their wildest dreams because they have possessed just exactly what people want and it has been loudly proclaimed by those that know them best – their clients, fans, and constituents. But getting clients to literally ‘go wild’ about you and what you do is elusive for most.

First, there must be some attribute worth going wild about. It requires that you’ve reached out to find those who may be interested in your message and offering, and they must pass what they know along to others. Individuals don’t randomly stumble upon an insurance agent. This act of reaching out is called marketing.

Marketing is about attracting qualified buyers to your products or services. And, there have been hundreds of thousands of books and articles written about marketing tactics, new and traditional strategies, ideas and formulas to use in your business to attract clients, convince them to buy and then get them to do it (buy) again.

But cutting through all of it, the concept of marketing is really much simpler than all the definitions and words written on the topic. After spending more than two decades working in marketing in a variety of different industries including politics, sports and technology, with the past 15 in financial services marketing, I have my own definition of marketing.

Marketing is the act of creating a compelling message for an offering that clients will buy and then won’t be able to stop talking about.

It is not about finding and implementing a hundred new tactics for reaching your target audience. It is about finding and implementing a few strategies that cause people to pass along the “good word” to others. This is where the best clients come from.

Tapping Into the Emotional Connection

In order to truly get clients to ‘go wild’ about your business, there must be an overriding strong emotional connection. This connection is the same one we feel when we cheer for our favorite sports team or support a cause that we are passionate about.

An individual can get others to connect by emotionally energizing them through a passionate delivery of information. It is a true differentiator because few actually act with great passion. Thus, when someone is exhibiting passion about something, we take notice.

In the book, The Connectors (Wiley, 2012), I wrote about the critical importance of connecting with others in business to fulfill your potential, create enormous opportunities and gain the personal success you desire. A step beyond being a connector is to define the specifics that will turn connections into sales, and buyers into fans. The connection you make with others is what creates the possibility. When we truly tap into the emotional connection, it is only then that people will truly “love us” and go wild about what we do.

The Seven Factors in the Emotional Convention

Tapping into the emotions of others requires creating an Emotional Convention in the minds of those that will buy from us. An Emotional Convention happens when seven basic factors come together to form a powerful, undeniable conclusion about you. The convention is ultimately the agreement that your conscious and subconscious mind makes accepting the merits and value of a certain person, company or offering. The Emotional Convention, if successful, results in an “I’m wild about you” conclusion.

Have you tapped into the Emotional Convention in the minds of your prospects and clients?
In business today, it is more critical than ever that we create a strong emotional connection between the business and the client. Without this, the product or service is lost in a sea of noise and similar offerings.

Creating Unconditional Client Loyalty

In sports, there is often an emotional connection between the team and its fans. Sometimes this connection has been built over generations. As the Green Bay Packers state in their NFL Films introduction to the team, there is an “unbreakable bond between football generations.”

I certainly am a case study of this football loyalty having learned the game of football and what it means to be a fan from my football-loving grandmother. We cheered for our team when they were terrible and basked in the glow of the wins when they were better. But we never considered moving to another team because together this was our team. Fan loyalty is an emotional connection and often stronger than any other loyalty, oftentimes because of these generational connections.

So, how can businesses create this same type of unconditional loyalty? How can businesses create a loyalty that is so strong it continues on even when the team loses or performs poorly year after year? How can we create an emotional loyalty that causes us to be more likely to forgive and forget than we would for a company that makes a mistake or sells a product of poor quality?

The only way to gain this unconditional loyalty is through the emotional connection between company and client. It’s truly how you’ve made them feel.

Maribeth Kuzmeski Maribeth Kuzmeski is the President of Red Zone Marketing. She has personally consulted with some of the nation’s top teams and advisory firms, managing $250 million to over $1 billion in assets and has experience taking teams through massive growth. She specifically works with top teams to help them uncover the Hidden 1% for Continual High Performance. Once a team has reached a level of success, often the most difficult task is to continue to reach significant new levels of growth. Maribeth is also the author of seven books, including The Connectors, 85 Million Dollar Tips for Financial Advisors, and And The Clients Went Wild has appeared in numerous media outlets including Fox News, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and many others.

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