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Editor’s Note: This article is a compilation from JD Clockadale’s
new book M.A.D. Time Ownership for SalesTM.

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Many years ago, during my first year as a young insurance agent, I often found my days and weeks overstuffed with what I thought were meaningful activities but still found myself hungry for prospects, clients and sales. One early Thursday afternoon, a successful veteran agent named Mike sensed my frustration and asked me, “Do you feel like you are active or productive?” I responded “active.” Dumb question I thought—very busy, few sales. He quipped “Yep.”

He then asked, “What do you want to accomplish?” I gave him the shoulder shrug that one gives when you know you don’t know the answer to the question—and you know you should.

Mike’s final question hit home and helped me to put it all together. He asked, “How can you be productive with your activities if you don’t know what you want to accomplish and what activities it takes to get you there?”


Finding Success

To achieve success, you have to know what success looks like (i.e. your goals). Then you have to invest your time in the right activities that align with achieving your goals. These activities need to be with the right people and at the right time. Remember, time is like your commission money. It’s yours, you own it and it’s up to you to decide where to invest it. Invest it wisely or spend it randomly.

The most successful sales people – and for that matter, the most successful people I know in my life—basically approach life with the M.A.D. Time Ownership approach whether they know it or not.


Having the Mindset that YOU, not others, OWN YOUR TIME and therefore creating goals adds focus and purpose to your activities. To accomplish anything in life, you must have a focused mindset that makes conscious decisions. But you also must have goals to keep your mindset focused.


Taking action with a plan and the right activities with the right people at the right time makes your goals a reality.

If you don’t create an Action plan aligned with your goals, two things will happen:

  1. You lose steam and motivation.
  2. You fail!

Having the Discipline to stick to the plan and achieve your goals.

Well-known, famous professional and self-help coach Tony Robbins was quoted as saying, “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” For an Action plan to be successful, we must take Tony’s advice and do it “consistently.”

After spending years with successful sales people, attorneys, politicians and some elite military personnel, I truly believe that the right Mindset fades without goals. Goals are rarely, if ever, achieved without an Action plan. An Action plan always fails without Discipline.

There is no better time than now to get beyond “managing” your time and start making a difference in your sales through time ownership. Take steps today to develop your Mindset, Action and Disciple that will get you spending more time on the right activities, with the right clients and prospects at the right time and creating more business and success.

JD Clockadale JD Clockadale, works with national and international sales teams to help sales representatives more effectively engage prospects and clients, and more importantly, increase both the size of their sales opportunities and their long-term revenue.

JD started his career as a commission-only insurance representative with Prudential Insurance Company of America and is now a senior sales consultant with Aslan Training and Development, a Selling Power magazine Top 20 nominee.

Learn more about JD and M.A.D. Time Ownership at

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