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Developing Consistency to Achieve Your Sales Goals

Well-known, famous professional and self-help coach Tony Robbins was quoted as saying “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.”

Tony Robbins was speaking about doing the right activities, the activities that will help you achieve your goals and make you successful.
But the same can be said of doing the wrong activities—the ones that drain our energy and more importantly, drain our time. If you consistently engage in activities that align with other people’s priorities rather than your own priorities, your goals and your success, your life, as Tony Robbins said, will be shaped…for the worse.
To be successful in sales or in life, for that matter, you have to do the right activities with the right people at the right time.
But what are the right activities that we should be doing consistently to achieve our goals? In sales, there are only two activities:

  • Those that grow your business and make you money. And,
  • Those that don’t.

The activities that grow your business and help you achieve your goals are Revenue Generating Activities or RGAs for short.

For example:

  • Proactive client and prospect contacts that advance the relationship and lead to a sale or develop the opportunity into a larger opportunity.
  • Discovery interview meetings where you learn more about the client or prospect.
  • Networking.

The activities that don’t make you money, but you still have to make time for are Supporting Activities, or SAs for short. These are the activities that are painful to do, take away from getting more clients and can’t be ignored. More importantly, SA’s should not prevent you from doing your RGAs.
For example:

  • Generating illustrations.
  • Entering client or prospect information into your CRM.
  • Product training.
  • Team meetings.

If you want to shape your success by doing the RGAs consistently, create an Action Plan that makes scheduling your RGAs a priority rather then an afterthought. Having this mindset can help you achieve success with your sales goals.

When you consciously take time to consistently follow your Action Plan, it will become that much easier to achieve your sales goals.

Here’s how to prioritize your activities.


Make a list of your RGAs and SAs. You have to know what activities you need to accomplish before you plan them and decide when and how often to do them.


Actually have a calendar: Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, CRM or for those of you really old school, the desk calendar—yep, it’s time to get with the times. Yellow pads and pocket notebooks don’t count.


Start with a clean calendar/schedule and schedule your RGAs first. Schedule them in chunks or blocks of time (e.g. call blocking) on your calendar. For example, if you are making prospecting calls and most prospects answer the phone from 9-10 a.m., block off this time on your calendar to make these calls.

Another way to look at this is to categorize your clients and prospects into some type of “A, B, C” list. Schedule more of your RGAs, i.e. touch points, for your top prospects and clients, the “A” team. The lower the client value OR potential value the less touch points they should receive.


Schedule your SAs after and around your RGAs. If you schedule your SAs first, you will find that you simply fit in your RGAs whenever you can and more often than not, you don’t fit them in at all. Schedule these activities in chunks as well–typically when clients or prospects are not available.


Assess and re-adjust to stay on target. Be flexible. No plan is perfect, but you need to continuously find ways to improve upon the Action Plan you have created.

JD Clockadale JD Clockadale, works with national and international sales teams to help sales representatives more effectively engage prospects and clients, and more importantly, increase both the size of their sales opportunities and their long-term revenue. JD started his career as a commission-only insurance representative with Prudential Insurance Company of America and is now a senior sales consultant with Aslan Training and Development, a Selling Power magazine Top 20 nominee. Learn more about JD and M.A.D. Time OwnershipTM at

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