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Customized Income Solutions Helps Fix the 4% Rule for Retirement Income

Legacy_logoPetaluma, CA, May 24, 2016—Legacy Marketing Group® announces the launch of Customized Income Solutions, a comprehensive sales package that helps insurance professionals craft a customized retirement income plan for their clients. At the heart of Customized Income Solutions is an interactive calculator that creates hypothetical withdrawal scenarios uniquely tailored for an individual’s retirement goals, providing clients the peace of mind of a strategic and attainable retirement plan. Insurance professionals can use the calculator to help their clients achieve annual retirement income of 4% or more to help maintain their standard of living long after they retire—providing a “New 4% Solution for Retirement Income.”

The standard 4% Rule says that retirees can withdraw 4% of their beginning retirement assets per year for 30 years without running out of money. In the current low interest rate environment, and with an often volatile stock market, many analysts are saying that a 4% annual withdrawal rate is too high and 2.8% is more realistic.1 Unfortunately, many retirees may find it difficult to maintain their standard of living on a 2.8 withdrawal percentage.

Addressing this concern directly, Customized Income Solutions can help retirees create a plan to achieve and even enhance the 4% Rule. In certain scenarios, income of 4% or more may be possible for life. In addition, Customized Income Solutions has the flexibility to help clients address common retirement concerns, including longevity, inflation, Social Security benefit optimization, unexpected expenses such as health costs, and wealth transfer upon death.

“Our unique, proprietary calculator can help clients craft an individualized withdrawal plan to bring their retirement dreams into reality,” said Legacy’s Chief Marketing Officer Niju Vaswani. “No longer will clients need to guess how much money they’ll have each year to live on or how much of a benefit will be available to leave to loved ones. The calculator can help them better understand how their retirement income plan can be achieved,” he added.

Creating a plan for sustainable retirement income—especially one that can evolve with changing needs and environments, and last throughout a retiree’s life—is becoming increasingly important. “Customized Income Solutions will have financial professionals rethinking how they can help clients plan for the future and make savings last throughout retirement,” said Vaswani.

The SpectraMark® flexible premium fixed deferred indexed annuity, issued by Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company, is the product behind a “New 4% Solution for Retirement Income.” With a balance between stability and flexibility, this annuity is designed to help respond to a client’s need for growth, income, and protection.

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SpectraMark flexible premium fixed deferred indexed annuity is issued by Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company, Des Moines, IA. Policy Form Nos: ACI-1018(06-11), API-1018(06-11), ICC11-1035 (11-11), et al. Rider Form Nos: ARI-1009(02-11), ARI-1040(11-12), ICC14-1080(04-14), ARI-1046(11-12), ICC14-1082(04-14), ARI-1068 (03-14), et al. This product is offered on a group or individual basis as determined by state approval. Subject to state availability. Certain restrictions may apply. See current State Approval Matrix and Sales Guide for product information.1. David Ning, “Is the 4 Percent Rule Still Relevant for Retirees?” U.S. News, On Retirement Blog (April 30, 2014).


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