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DMI Launches New Website and Releases Exclusive New Programs

DMI logoHingham, Massachusetts, September 15, 2016—With the launch of a new website, DMI is excited to announce the release of exclusive marketing programs and a suite of proprietary products. Through these new programs advisors can:

  • Engage with thousands of active listeners in a one hour show on a weekly basis with THE DMI Radio Edge Program.
  • Gain insights from $25 million plus advisors and learn about best practices with The DMI Mentor Advantage Program.
  • Stay in front of prospects with The DMI Reactivation Program.
  • Sell smart by staying educated 24/7 with access to DMI’s library of exclusive product and sales training videos and the Knowledge Hub.

Advisors can learn more about any one of these exclusive programs by visiting:

About DMI

DMI was founded in 1989 to provide financial advisors three dynamic elements for success: marketing services, sales consulting, and business management. For more information, visit:

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