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Category: JUNE/JULY 2016


Perspectives on Annuity Awareness

NAFA Annuity Outlook magazine reached out to industry leaders to ask for their take on where we are and where we need to head to have an impact on the annuity awareness front lines....


NAFA Confronts Onerous DOL Fiduciary Rule

The final fiduciary rule from the DOL was formally published in the Federal Register on April 8. Despite the muted responses by many industry observers, and in some cases certain parties indicating the rule...


The Future of Annuity Suitability

The new DOL Fiduciary Rule (“the DOL Rule”) is likely to have a profound effect on the way insurers and agents do business. For annuity business involving retirement plans and IRAs, the DOL Rule...


The 60/40 Portfolio is DEAD!

Long Live Life Insurance and Annuities! Financial advisors need to adapt and stay ahead of the trends! There are so many traditional views of the “proper way” to retire that have worked for 40...