Blood Type and Early Stroke

According to new research, blood type may affect your risk of having an early stroke. In one meta-analysis of almost 17,000 cases of ischemic stroke, people with type A blood were more likely to experience a stroke before age 60. Those with blood types O and B had a lower risk. The researchers hope to use this information to prevent strokes in younger adults.

Although the risk of early strokes is modest among those with type A blood, people with blood types O and B have the lowest risk. Other factors that may reduce the risk include eating salmon, quitting smoking, and getting regular exercise. The study was led by Dr. Steven Kittner, a professor of neurology at the University of Maryland. The study only included people of European descent, so it’s important to note that those with other blood types may not have an increased risk of stroke.

The team looked at 48 studies that investigated genetics and ischemic stroke. The studies included over 17,000 stroke patients and more than 600,000 healthy people. Researchers analyzed the participants’ chromosomes for genetic variations that are associated with strokes. They found a gene variation that is linked to the risk of early stroke in people with blood type A. The study also showed that people with blood type 0 have a lower risk.

The study’s findings could lead to further research on the cause of the association between blood type and risk of stroke. But the study authors caution that these results are not conclusive and further data collection is needed. Regardless of the findings, people with certain blood types have a higher risk of early stroke. In addition to genetics, there are other risk factors for stroke that can be modified.

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